Corporate Wellness Programs

Terri-in-chair150Our Mission is to assist with facilitating wellness in the corporate environment. We work with employers and employees to find healthy and balanced alternatives to natural stresses that occur in the workplace and life in general. We provide workshops, consultations and fitness programs using the principles of yoga.

Programs Available:

In Your Office Yoga Classes

For groups of 9 or more, we will provide classes at your workplace. Classes will be designed specifically to address the needs of your employees. These classes can be weekly, biweekly, or on any consistent basis that fits your and your employees’ schedule. Research has proven that healthy employees are more productive and happier. Price per person/per class $7.

Yoga at Your Desk Workshop

Would you like to learn how to incorporate yoga asanas (poses) into your workday? This is especially important for people whose jobs require them to sit at a desk for long hours, resulting in back pain, shoulder, neck and eye strain, tight hips and hamstrings. By practicing yoga, you can relieve the stress and strain, increase productivity and most importantly just feel better.

Breathe Your Stress Away Workshop

This is a very special workshop on the power of proper breathing. Using the yogic principles of pranayama (breath), you will experience how taking a few minutes, several times a day to sit and breath, can take your stress and anxiety away.





Your investment in each workshop is $15 per person or $20 for a workshop and a class (5 person minimum). For large groups, a group discount is available. Please call for details.  

All workshops can be at your office or at our studio on lower Queen Anne. Yoga mats and props are not required for these workshops.

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