Julie St Clair

JulieStClairJulie came to yoga as a way to relax from the everyday stresses of corporate life. What she found is so much more – thousands of little freedoms that reach far beyond the mat.

Julie structures graceful Hatha- and Vinyasa-style practices with a focus on what is right for the individual. Her approach is gentle, communicative and rooted in uniting mind and body through breath. Her practices are ideal for those interested in the spirit of the original yogis who observed animals and nature-noting abilities and beauty-and became what they observed. She loves the marriage of yoga’s esoteric teachings with the practicalities of everyday life, and strives to bring this balance to every class.

Julie is an RYT through Yoga Alliance. She trained at Seattle’s Yoga Synergy School in the style of the teachings of Krishnamacharya, the father of modern yoga.

When not teaching yoga Julie works in fine art photography, marrying the two disciplines – juliestclair.com.

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