Rachelle Koren

Published on January 27, 2015 by in Teacher Bio

Rachelle K Koren Pic1 (2)My tapas for yoga was ignited in 2010 upon attending my first class with a friend. Despite neverhaving practiced and not knowing what to expect, I said “Yes” to the opportunity! During that class I felt a profound inexplicable and energetic resonance with the practice and teachings of yoga. I knew I had found my path, thus beginning my journey as a regularly practicing Yogini and instructor. As both student and teacher, I approach my mat with a beginner’s mind, a compassionate heart, and an open spirit which allows my practice to continue to grow and evolve me spiritually, mentally and physically.

After having gastric bypass surgery in 2010 and searching for a physical activity to support mychanging body and ongoing journey toward improved health, yoga was the perfect fit! Before finding yoga and cultivating my regular practice I spent the majority of my life extremely unhealthy, completely disconnected from my body and mind. Through my yoga practice and Teacher Training I experienced a deep connection with my physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, as well as discovering the uplifting support of an inclusive community of like-minded yoginis and yogis.

As a recovering alcoholic, emotional overeater, and survivor of depression and anxiety, yoga continues to support my journey toward well-being and overall health. The benefits I experience through my practice are without limits and beyond measure. I have the utmost gratitude for the ongoing cultivation of greater self-awareness and unconditional compassion.

Every time I step onto the mat with that beginner’s mind, I smile as I’m reminded that yoga is for every body and I have abiding faith that my practice meets me exactly where I am in each moment. By practicing yoga both on and off the mat I am better able to serve myself and others by being open about my healing journey and sharing what speaks to and works for me. Yoga continues to provide me with a path to greater healing and cultivation of my authentic self, deepening the connection between my spiritual, mental and emotional bodies every time I step on the mat. I have truly come to understand I am the conduit through which the yoga flows! My greatest hope is to continue to be of service to myself and others through my practice. Whether you are new to yoga or a long time practitioner, may you find your own resonance with the ancient physical and philosophical teachings!


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