Colleen Bell

Published on January 27, 2014 by in Teacher Bio

Colleen Bell

Colleen began practicing yoga sporadically about 12 years ago. Over time she realized how therapeutic yoga was. Yoga has helped her through multiple injuries and she has a profound respect for her body now. Yoga has also helped her mentally, in so many ways, from stress relief to insomnia to depression and anxiety. In March 2013, Colleen completed her teacher training through Samadhi Yoga in Seattle. Yoga continues to be her passion and her healing, happy place. Colleen teaches in gyms, yoga studios, and the great outdoors, where she has a strong connection to the earth and trees.
Colleen encourages students to come join her outside their comfort zone and find acceptance of themselves in their practice. She enjoys being playful and challenging, while also bringing alignment awareness to her classes

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