Legs Up The Wall ~ Viparita Karani

Published on July 20, 2012 by in Yoga Poses

During the warmer summer months, it’s important to balance your energy with a cooler calmer yoga practice. This can be done by adding more forward bends standing, sitting or supine.

This months yoga pose is Viparita Karani, simply put “legs up the wall” pose. It may not look like a forward bend at first, but flip it around and you’ll see a half forward bend. This pose is a passive inversion that’s meant to relax your body and restore your body to good health.

Benefits:  Release stiffness in the low back and legs, releave swelling below the waste, increases circulation to the brain which can increase intelligence and calm the nervous system, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Contraindication: Students with high blood pressure or serious back and neck problems should consult with an experienced yoga instructor. This pose should not be done by students with serious eye problems such as glaucoma or detached retina.


How to get into this pose:

1. Slide your mat all the way up to the wall and place a bolster or some padding against the wall. If you are stiff leave a couple of inches between the wall and the bolster.

2. Sit on the right side of the bolster with your right shoulder and hip aginst the wall.

3. Place the right hand on the center of the mat as you inch your bottom closer to the wall. Then lower to the elbow as you start to extend your legs up the wall. Keep inching bottom closer to the wall as you begin rolling to your back and bring both legs strait up the wall.

4. Take some time to make small adjustments to the body till you’re comfortable. Spread the shoulder blades and roll a little towel or blanket under the neck.

5. Now just allow the body to become heavy and relaxed. Visualize the blood pouring down the legs, into the pelvis, then into the heart and brain.

You can relax in this pose any where from 5-15 minutes.

For a cooling summer sequence try working Viparita Karani into your practice.






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