Dancer Pose~Natarajasana

Published on October 30, 2012 by in Yoga Poses


Frances chose Dancer’s Pose because it opens both the hips and shoulders.  She find putting this pose at the end is beneficial.  I work up to with lunges, opening the hip flexors,  twists which open the shoulders and brings core awareness. Generally, she recommend coming into another balance pose like tree before coming into Dancer’s Pose.  Please keep aware regarding the knee, it should not poke out to the side, rather try to keep it within torso distance.  Same with the elbow, have it come out forward .  Using the strap is also highly recommended.

1)Feet hip width and parallel (Stand next to a wall if balance is uncertain)

2)Draw right heel toward right seat.

3)Take hold of the right instep of the foot with your right palm
4)Keep knees within the frame of the torso, try not to let the knee come out to   the side.
5)Lean forward as the foot presses into the hand.
Benefits: Strengthens ankle, legs and hips. Opens the chest shoulder and spine, stretches the quadriceps musical, improves balance and concentration.
Contraindications: High blood pressure, recent low back, ankle and knee injury.




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