Chaturanga into Upward Facing Dog

Published on May 31, 2012 by in Yoga Poses




Shana’s favorite pose is ever changing, but she always loves the energy, lift and heart opening of Chaturanga into Upward Facing Dog.



1. Start on hands and knees in table top, lining the wrist over the shoulders and hips over Knees.

2. Curl toes under and ift the Knees up off the ground coming into a high push up (plank pose). Slight tuck of the pelvis as you lift your navel and chest to your back. Body is flat and firm.

3. Push your toes into the mat shifting the shoulders slightly forward. Exhale and slowly lower only about half way, pointing the elbows strait back keeping the arms close to the sides of the body.

4. Inhale moving into upward facing dog. Flip feet over pressing the top of the feet into the ground. Push hands into the mat and lift both your gaze and chest to the sky. Let the hips soften down creating a back bend. Feel the lift come from the hole body.



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