How To Build A Large Dog Run For Small Backyard

This fenced-in portion of a backyard featured on Going Yard serves as a dog play area and even has a "dog duplex" doghouse with two doors! Awesome Elevated Dog Run This elevated dog run, seen on HGTV's The Outdoor Room With Jamie Durie , is covered with turf and gives canine companions a […]

How To Build Fertilizer Injector

Brass Siphon Fertilizer Injector Mixer One end of this ingenious brass siphon mixer screws onto your hose bib, the other attaches to your garden hose. This fertilizer mixer has a small siphon tube which drops down into a bucket of liquid fertilizer (or other material) and brings the concentrate up into the hose line at a 16:1 ratio, as you water. […]

How To Create Quality Content

When Panda was rolled out last year, we all understood the importance of high quality content and freelancers and Bloggers have moved from quantity to quality. The question, which remain unanswered for many blogger is how to differentiate between low quality and a high quality content. Is it […]

How To Create A Mailing List In Wordpress

Everything is editable from your WordPress website, including the newsletter you wish to send. You can even set an automated newsletter, which goes out, say every week or month with your latest posts! […]

How To Add More T Accounts On Excel

Create an account [–] thebestaccountant Non-Profit 10 points 11 points 12 points 4 years ago (2 children) Did...did you just ask for a template for a t account in Excel? […]

How To Close A Sale Youtube

9/10/2006 · In their largest acquisition to date, Google has acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion in an all stock transaction. Both companies have approved the deal, which should officially close in the fourth […]

How To Cook Rock Lobster Tails

Cook rock lobster tails whole, split in half or butterflied. In all cases, wash under cold running water before cooking, scrubbing with a stiff brush to remove any debris. You can butterfly rock lobster tails, or halve either whole lobsters or tails. To butterfly, use kitchen shears or a sharp knife to cut lengthwise along the center of the upper shell -- the rounded, harder side of the tail […]

How To Add Image Beginning Of Uilabel Swift

Best How To : If you want to stick with UILabel, without subclassing it, Mundi has given you a clear solution. If alternatively you would be willing to avoid wrapping the UILabel with a UIView, you could user UITextView to enable the use of UIEdgeInsets (padding) or subclass UILabel to support UIEdgeInsets. […]

How To Cook Broccoli Crowns

Cover the broccoli crowns loosely with a plastic bag, and change the ice water daily. This unique method will keep the bunch fresh and crisp for a whole week. Never wash broccoli before storing in the refrigerator. The excess moisture promotes mold. To freeze: Cut washed broccoli into florets and stalks into pieces. Steam or blanch about five minutes. Plunge into ice water to stop cooking […]

T-sql How To Create A Pivot Table Like In Excell

@sanket_360 . As @Greg_Deckler said, to render data like pivot table in Excel, you can use Matrix. If you need to add filters like pivot table, you can use slicer visual for selection to filter data. […]

How To Draw Sulley From Monsters Inc Easy

the oozma kappa fraternity members coloring page how to draw how to draw sulley from monsters inc henry j waternoose quilts on pinterest coloring pages monsters inc monster inc coloring pages sully monsters inc coloring pages sully monsters inc coloring pages monsters inc on pinterest 1000 images about monsters university on pinterest sulley […]

How To Change Osap Sapplicarion

November 6, 2017 1 Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development Student Financial Assistance Branch 2017-18 OSAP Application Update: Change to Study Period or Program […]

How To Create An Artist Name

Here are a few tips, suggestions, and questions to help artists to title their art. It is advisable to write the answers out on a notepad or sketchbook and review them to help determine the perfect name. […]

How To Become A Game Story Writer

Nothings worse for writing than a blank page. Whether youre writing a novel, a short story, or a parody Twitter account, having restrictions and guidelines gives you a starting place so you […]

How To Buy A Powerball Ticket In Canada

How to Claim Winnings; If you've won a Powerball prize, you might be wondering what to do next. On this page, you can find out how to claim your prize if you've played online or if you bought your ticket from an authorized retailer, as the claiming method differs between the two. […]

How To Download Music With Itunes Gift Card

Skype Hulu Rixty Spotify IMVU Apple Music Crunchyroll Netflix MLB.TV NFL Game Pass. iTunes Gift Cardskeyboard_arrow_down. $100 USA iTunes Gift Card $50 USA iTunes Gift Card $25 USA iTunes Gift Card $15 USA iTunes Gift Card $10 USA iTunes Gift Card $5 USA iTunes Gift Card. Canada iTunes Gift Cards Netherlands iTunes Gift Cards France iTunes Gift Cards Italy iTunes Gift Cards Germany iTunes Gift […]

How To Break A Old Beleif Ester Hicks

Abraham hicks Abraham hicks 2018 Esther hicks Abraham hicks newest Abraham hicks full... channeling Abraham Hicks meditation spiritual guide spiritual law of attraction family friendly how to be... Abraham hicks daily workshop Abraham Hicks Miami... […]

How To Change Region On Windows 10

If you live somewhere other than the United States, chances are good that there are some apps or features in Windows 10 that you don’t have access to. […]

How To Download Instagram On My Pc

Download Instagram Story To PC, Mac Or Phone. If you are someone who doesn’t have the luxury to have an additional app just to save Instagram stories then you can follow this procedure. 1. Visit storiesig website using the following link from a browser of your choice on any device. 2. Type the Instagram username in the text box you see and press Enter. 3. If the username is valid and the […]

How To Connect Tig Welding Machine

New and Used Welding Machines insights. There are 983 Welding Machines for sale in Australia from which to choose. Overall 36% of Welding Machines buyers enquire on only used listings, 62% on new and 4.17% on both new and used Welding Machines items. […]

How To Delete Skype Account From Pc

How to delete your Skype Account? If you are deleting your Skype account then by default, your Microsoft account also gets deleted and you won’t have any chance of signing into other Microsoft accounts like, OneDrive, Xbox Live, Office Online, or Windows. […]

How To Draw The Back Of A Rose

pink rose step by step demonstration -Free tutorial by Doris Joa. I did the drawing for a new Rose painting. It is a Pink Rose with a lot of leaves and three buds and a tiny mini bud. […]

How To Change Color On Calendar Mac

Change Calendar Theme in Windows 10. Light theme or dark theme, which one you prefer? If you like the latter, you can go to change theme in Windows 10 Calendar, following the guidance illustrated below. […]

How To Repair A Cut In A Canvas Painting

10/11/2007 · Best Answer: You need to recanvas the painting. Best to let this be done by a pro but you can do this yourself. If you only do the tear you will see it bulge up. That is why you have to take down the painting (remove the frame so you just have a 'floppy' canvas) and … […]

How To Add A Business Marker To Google Maps

For the second example link, I just changed the first "label" letter to be at the edge of the frame south of the real point, gave every subsequent letter a small longitude change. […]

How To Delete Twitter Account

Twitter is a great social media indeed but there are times when you get tired of all subtweets and direct messages. In some cases, social networks are a source of inconvenience to people, rather than a source of benefit, so many users of these programs and sites look for the way to delete their accounts or disable the account on a temporarily […]

How To Detect If Your House Is Bugged

4/03/2009 · Help me to detect hidden cams/microphones in a room. I have reason to believe that my friend's house has been bugged by her ex-husband and im looking for easy ways to find and remove these bugs. I have reason to believe that my friend's house has been bugged by her ex-husband and im looking for easy ways to find and remove these bugs. […]

How To Create Your Own Quote Picture

Make your own Quote Canvas Print--have a quote you want to see on canvas? Customize this pretty pink canvas print with your own inspirational quote, saying or words. Customize this pretty pink canvas print with your own inspirational quote, saying or words. […]

How To Properly Clean Your Butt

When you want to wipe your butt properly, you need to know that the first one is where you need to be most careful. While we hope that all the poop will have gone straight down, it is not uncommon for a little to touch the side of your buttocks. […]

How To Delete Skype Account 2016

20/12/2016 · Office 365/Outlook 2016. 2 email accounts, 1 of which is The desktop OL Contacts display the various Contacts folder names on the left and associated contacts on the right for each email account. […]

Iphone How To Change Ringtone To Song On Youtube

Part 1: How to Add Ringtones to iPhone without iTunes 1,000,000+ Downloads When it comes to adding ringtones to iPhone, there is a great third-party app - iMyFone TunesMate iPhone Transfer which can break through iTune’s limits. […]

Roblox How To Add Character

While on the Roblox website, go to "My Roblox". Then click on "My Character". There, you can change and edit your character. Then click on "My Character". There, you can change and edit your character. […]

How To Delete Old 20xx

Do you receive a warning message every time you open SOLIDWORKS? The warning states there is another SOLIDWORKS session running. You probably have made sure that there is no other sessions of SOLIDWORKS running on your machine; or have performed a Windows reboot. […]

How To Draw A Realistic Eye With Only A Pencil

Use 4B pencil to draw spokes going outward from the pupil. Make some overlap of the spokes to create thicker lines for better texture and more realistic eyes. Leave some areas untouched as they will be … […]

How To Clean Black Mold Off Basement Walls

Remove the natural products that have How to Get Rid of Black Mold and Mildew in Basement on them. We likewise set up vapor obstacle into the how to get rid of mold in a basement . It will likewise break and split into pieces over the years. […]

How To Connect Your Old Computer To Wifi Internet

You need to get a modem with a wireless router in one piece, or if you have already a modem, get a wireless router connect it to the modem, configure it for your needs and you will be able to […]

How To Add Friends On Rocket League

27/09/2016 Rocket League Xbox one and Steam connected? From my experience, you can't add friends that play on Steam to Xbox(or Xbox friends on steam). Where is that article? I have not seen any news involving that on their website or Twitter. Like I said, I think you can only cross play with each other. I play it regularly and never seen an option to play with a specific player on steam, only randoms […]

Warframe How To Add Armor To Pet

Warframe is more than just a suit of armor, it’s a weapon. Just like your guns, rifles and melee weapons, your armor can be customized and stylized to the tiniest detail. Increase your armor … […]

How To Become A Reservoir Engineer

Petrophysicist The study of petrophysics is helping our industry to become more efficient. Determining the volume of hydrocarbons present in a reservoir, and its potential to flow through the reservoir rock into the wellbore, helps us to understand and optimize the producibility of a reservoir. […]

Cities Skylines How To Delete All Assets

Cities: Skylines uses an in-house Colossal Raw Asset Package (.crp) ?le format to store various data. Those packages Those packages are containers and can encapsulate any data type, so a .crp ?le can be a save, a map, a color correction or an asset. […]

How To Delete Design Poem

To delete a question: On the Design Survey page, hover over the question you want to delete. Click Delete . When you delete a question, all responses associated with that question will also be deleted. Restoring Deleted Questions. You can restore deleted questions within 90 days of the deletion date. You will not be able to restore deleted questions after that time frame. To restore questions […]

How To Add Apps To Chromebook Homepage

The App Launcher can contain up to sixteen apps. As you install applications, Chrome OS will add additional windows to contain your applications. When you have more than 16 applications, buttons shaped like horizontal bars will appear at the bottom of the screen. […]

How To Clean Smelly Washing Machine Pipes

Drum-cleaning wash. Most washing machine manufacturers now recommend that we run a service wash around once a month. This is because most of the people here in the UK wash their clothes at 40 c, and whilst this is great for the environment and saving money on energy bills, it can sometimes cause our washing machines to smell. […]

How To Become A Substitute Teacher In Pa

Getting a Teacher Certification Each state has different requirements for teachers. Pennsylvania requires educators to have a bachelor's degree and to be certified from an approved educational […]

How To Add Media Content To Your Kodi Library

File and addon browser to play media that is not in the Kodi media library (most, but not all addons will work via the browser) Remote control to navigate Kodi UI and control playback Volume, progress, repeat and random control […]

How To Answer Tell Us About A Difficult Person

Try to solve the problem, or get someone who can: Even if solving the customer's problem isn't among your job duties, never say this to the customer. Get all the facts you can, and then tell […]

How To Add Twitter Link To Youtube Video

Choose the way you'd like to share the video from the available options that include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email, messaging, copying the link, and more. That's all there is to it. The respective app or window will open and allow you to share the video. […]

How To Achieve Performance Excellence

Achieve Operational Excellence with Project Management Tools Building an operational excellence strategy is no less of a job than initiating and planning a project. It requires brainstorming, inputs from the team, and to match an organizations goals. […]

How To Cook A Lot Of Hotdogs

Low Carb Chili Dog Bake: Hot dogs (and burgers, of course) really are the ultimate summer cook-out food. My kids request them for dinner all the time. […]

How To Download Shared Photos From Icloud To Mac

Launch Photos on your Mac. Click the photos you want to share with family (shift-click or command-click to select multiple). Click the share button on the upper right of the window. It's a box with an upward arrow. Click iCloud Photo Sharing. Click Family. The images will then sync over to your family member's device. How to remove photos or video from the Family album on your iPhone, iPad, or […]

How To Draw The Count

The Count & Draw is a funny device, a brilliant combination of technology and simplicity. It’s the size of a kid’s dinner plate, perfect for small hands. […]

How To Draw A Photo Of A Person

Applying the characteristics of an anime character to a photo of a real person usually produces very unrealistic-looking results unless the image is also changed so that it appears hand drawn. Use a combination of services and applications when converting your photo to achieve the best results. The and Photo-kako websites (link in Resources) have a cartoon effect filter that you can […]

How To Become An Event Planner In Montreal

Effective Meeting and Event Planning (P790) Techniques and Methodologies to Plan a Wide Variety of Meetings and Events Many organizations host or participate in a variety of meetings and events, large and small, throughout the year. […]

How To Add Semi-finished Material Sap

Refer to OSS note 81682 - Pr.Contr.V for semi-finished and finished products. SAP recommends that standard price to be used for FERT and HALB. If actual price is required for valuation, make used of the functions of material ledger where a periodic actual price is created which is more realistic. […]

How To Change Your Profile Information In Kijiji

You can change your account settings any time by going to My eBay and selecting the Account tab. Find out how to view a member's feedback profile, and how to make your own profile either public or private. Closing your account. Find out how to close your eBay account. Was this article helpful for you? Related help topics. See other articles in: Account; You might also be interested in […]

How To Clean Cat Pee From Leather

I have a leather recliner that has become a cat's go-to spot. Urine has now soaked into the leather and the cushion. I am not too worried about the stain as I am the stench. […]

How To Delete Duplicate Records In Excel 2007

20/08/2008 · Select the range of cells you want to remove the duplicates from. Goto Data tabRemove Duplicates Provide the info to the user forms-- Biff Microsoft Excel MVP […]

How To Buy Gun In America

5/04/2018 · Frank Goepfert is one of the biggest machine gun merchants in America. From a 100-plus-acre ranch he shares with his wife, son and German shorthair puppy in … […]

How To Clean Ball Bearings

The bearing is actually a holder (called a "race") that holds all of the little balls or rollers (depending on your bearing type) in place so that they roll in a straight line. Remove the bearing race with a flat screwdriver. Stick the screwdriver in through the center of the bearings and pluck it out, making sure the screwdriver stays in the center to catch the bearings and keep them from […]

How To Build A Pulling Truck Motor

5/07/2008 · Duramax all the way buddy. I havent seen a 2wd cummins do what my truck can do. Also u will not have to worry about building the motor for that short time […]

How To Clear Cookies And Cache From Google Chrome Browser

How to clear your cookies on Chrome (Version 58.0.3029.110) Because the Opera browser is based off the same underlying Chromium architecture that the standard Google Chrome browser is, almost everything about how to clear and manage your cookies is just about identical in process and implementation. There are a few subtle differences though, namely how you actually get to the menu […]

How To Draw A Face Video

How To Draw A Face Step By Step Drawings And Video Tutorials Todays Drawing A Lesson The Face Drawing Lessons Pictures. Relevant Pictures for How To Draw A Face Step By Step Drawings And Video Tutorials Todays Drawing A Lesson The Face Drawing Lessons. Lion Drawing Wallpaper. Dollar Drawing . Glass Bottle Drawing. How Do I Draw A Rose Drawing Tutori. Anime Boy Drawing Base. Ice Cream Drawing […]

How To Properly Clean A Tattoo

It needs to “breathe” and get air to heal properly. Wash your tattoo once or twice a day for the duration of the healing time. Too much washing can wash away … […]

How To Download Movies Using Torch Browser

Torch Browser is a free web browser that comes with a lot of features and is easy to use. Download this internet browser for Windows 7/8/10(32/64-Bit). Download this internet browser … […]

How To Create Grphics For Youtube

19/10/2018 · YouTube thumbnails are everything to a YouTuber. When you have amazing Thumbnails, you draw people into your video. But creating custom thumbnails can be hard for the beginner. […]

How To Buy A Hedgehog In Australia

Find Pygmy Hedgehogs for sale in Melbourne via Pets4Homes. The #1 free pet classifieds site to buy, sell and rehome Pygmy Hedgehogs and other Rodents near me. The #1 free pet classifieds site to buy, sell and rehome Pygmy Hedgehogs and other Rodents near me. […]

How To Delete Hulu Profile On Ps4

I need to take hulu plus to put in another account but it won't let me. It's stuck on the loading screen and won't budge. I tried to delete the app and reinstall it but to no luck. Any ideas? It's stuck on the loading screen and won't budge. […]

How To Draw On Your Computer Screen

Draw anywhere, any time on your screen! Note: Drawing is through the use of mouse or touchpad; i.e., drawing lines track mouse cursor on screen. If a touchscreen is equipped, a stylus or finger can be used to draw. […]

How To Draw A Kid On A Swing

If you are a parent of kids that are old enough to draw, you can let your children have a swing at this lesson and I am sure you will find that drawing kids is fun, colorful, and engaging. Once you pick up that pencil and start this lesson on how to draw kids step by step, you will want to keep drawing them just so you can color their clothes differently, or to change their hair styles […]

How To Buy And Trade Penny Stocks

How to Trade Penny Stocks. By: Tammy Dray. Share; Share on Facebook ; Penny stocks are stocks that cost $5 or less and are traded outside of the main markets, including AMEX, NYSE and NASDAQ. Because they are handled independently and are low-priced, penny stocks are a great way for inexperienced investors to get a handle of the market and to understand the inner workings of the […]

How To Clear Your Netflix History

Netflix Remove Continue Watching Shows and Movies: Now you can also Clear Netflix History watched before. Where is Netflix watch history and how to clear Netflix history? As you know it was not possible long ago to find and delete Netflix recently … […]

How To Change Date And Time On Samsung S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 review: Samsung's unsung hero Samsung Galaxy S7 lock screen and security Change lock screen shortcuts: You can have two shortcuts on the lock screen for quick access. […]

How To Become A Bike Commuter

Factors to Consider Before Becoming a Commuter Cyclist. The decision to become a commuter cyclist should not be taken lightly. There are several things you need to take into consideration but most importantly, the question of how this would impact your life should be reflected on. Questions like your security, road safety, convenience of commute, level of preparedness among other things should […]

How To Draw Ninja Turtles Easy

how to draw ninja turtles drawing tutorial will teach you step by step 'how to draw ninja turtles' in no time. Best of all, it's FREE! 'how to draw ninja turtles' tag . How to Draw Michelangelo Easy . And finally the last is here. You asked for these four troublemakers / good guys so now you have the […]

How To Build Turf House

Building Bluebird bird houses is a great afternoon project. I know because my daughters spent a Saturday afternoon building some with my Dad. They had so much fun using tools with their grand-father. I say they, but I think Emanuelle enjoyed it more. haha […]

How To Bring Chair For Elderly On Trip

If you have mobility issues, it can be daunting getting from the airport curb to the gate for your flight. Most airlines contract with companies to help travelers by offering wheelchairs to get around an airport, including through the security checkpoint. […]

How To Create A Signature Field In Adobe Acrobat Pro

The following describes how to create a text Form Field placeholder using Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro. If you are using a different version of Adobe Acrobat Professional, then refer to the documentation for details. To create a text placeholder: From the Forms menu, select Add or Edit Fields. From the Add New Field list, choose Text Field. The cursor becomes a crosshair. Place the crosshair in the […]

How To Build Monkey Bars

5/07/2007 · and not a wooden playset, I already have one of those. I want to build the kind of thing they have at parks with all different kinds of bars and pipes so my boys can climb around and stuff while developing upper body strength. […]

How To Clear Packed Sinuses

22/04/2006 · Packed sinuses In Dec.05, I had a CT of sinuses which showed packed sinuses all over the place, frontal, ethmoid, etc. I was placed on atibiotics and made appt. w/ENT. […]

How To Become The Sergeant At Arms Canada

12 Sergeant at Arms Club Officer Training Sergeant at Arms Role (25 minutes) NOTE TO FACILITATOR As you present the sergeant at arms training, think about your experience. If you have served as a sergeant at arms , identify examples you can share with participants. 1. SHOW the Sergeant at Arms Role slide. 2. TELL sergeants at armsthey can find information about their role in … […]

How To Clean Bong And Keep Resin

The BEST pipe and bong cleaner! Keep your piece clean & lungs healthy with just drops of Mile High Cleaner. Safer and easier than Isopropyl Alcohol! Keep your piece clean & lungs healthy with just drops of Mile High Cleaner. […]

How To Buy Mutual Funds Rbc Direct Investing

Other products and services may be offered by one or more separate corporate entities that are affiliated to RBC InvestEase Inc., including without limitation: Royal Bank of Canada, RBC Direct Investing Inc., RBC Dominion Securities Inc., RBC Global Asset Management Inc., Royal Trust Corporation of Canada and The Royal Trust Company. RBC InvestEase Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Royal […]

Metro 2033 How To Change Gas Mask

metro last light s.t.a.l.k.e.r fallout stalker metro exodus bullet lighter post apocalyptic gas mask skyrim Footer Get fresh Etsy trends and unique gift ideas delivered right to your inbox. […]

How To Download Torrents Without Your Isp Knowing

they know because if you most likely used a public tracker which are infested with uploads from sony themselves to catch ppl who download them. if they are the uploader of the torrent, it isnt hard to track u and send that info to the isp regardless of your encrpytion. […]

How To Create Game Bot Pixel

First of all, most games have bot protection, so make sure to add a delay to the bot and, maybe, a 'cooldown'. Before that r.delay(1000) statement, the bot did two instant actions. […]

How To Change Address Access Nova Scotia

Access Nova Scotia offers a range of services you can complete online. Renew your licence plate sticker, purchase a birth certificate, update your home address and much more using the links below. […]

How To Become An Air Miles Partner

AIR MILES ® Moments See some of Co. Partner and Supplier trademarks are owned by the respective Partners and Suppliers or authorized for their use in Canada. To collect AIR MILES® reward miles you must be a Canadian resident. Separate AIR MILES Programs are offered to residents of the UK, the Netherlands, Spain and the U.A.E […]

Macrium How To Change Backup Path

How to restore from Macrium Reflect backup to new PC with Windows 10 - and keep your programs and files Works for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP. Got a backup created using Macrium Reflect, and now you need to restore it to a new computer? […]

How To Delete Stuff From Inventory Steam

20/03/2014 · Valve removed this long ago and I just ignored it thinking it's my crappy computer coughing up again. Enforced by the lack of attention people gave to this 'issue', I ignored it again for 4 months until finally making a thread on TF2 Steam discussion page with just one reply from a guy that said " I don't know, they removed that a long time ago". […]

Ffxv How To Call Chocobo

Chocobo companion You can use a Chocobo whistle to call your currently registered Chocobo in the field to use as a mount if you registered it with a VCS member. […]

How To Clean Corrosion Off Copper Pennies

ok first get a permanent sharpie and cover the whole pennyThen light the penny on fire to about 66 degrees Cyou will see the coin start to regain its features. […]

Unitron Moxi How To Answer Cell Phone

The Unitron remote control is compatible with Unitron’s Moxi and Quantum hearing aids. Features on your remote may vary depending on the product and technology you choose. Please consult your hearing healthcare professional for more information. […]

How To Clean Hoover Steamvac Ultra

Hoover steamvac supreme manual pdf how to use a hoover steamvac beginners guide uniqsource com hoover steamvac ultra manuals hoover f6207 900 steamvac lite carpet cleaner manuals Whats people lookup in this blog: […]

How To Begin An Email To A Stranger

About Matt Ramos. Matt Ramos is a college student who wants to make the world a better place. You can read his blog at . He writes about rejection, breaking social barriers, and altruism as a means of overcoming his struggle with social anxiety while making the world less boring. […]

How To Delete Update From Wsus

9/10/2013 Automatically Declining Itanium Updates in WSUS Declining Itanium Updates Schedule the following script to decline all Itanium updates. It then e-mails an HTML report with the following column headings: Title, KB Article, Classification, Product Title, Product Family […]

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